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X cerbere X
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April 2012
one of the most beatiful corsican song
October 2011
two wonderful video music
this song break my heart
May 2011
mother day
April 2011
my new bike
March 2011
((the last time)NEW FLASH CODE OF YOUTUB
February 2011
alcohol and drive
January 2011
I will miss it
i fed up
i hate people like that
end of my hollyday
Blog Entry
my crazy new year
December 2010
happy new year
just for laugh
merry christmas
by the way
soooo funny
vlog of my wines choise for the festive
Blog Entry
November 2010
black ops or brotherhood?
fable3 and assassin's creed3
veteran day
October 2010
Blog Entry
can you help me for halloween????
pics and video to the demonstration to 2
At the edge of the break
i'm look for......
soon halloween
france vs roumania
al-qâida and army in afganistan
September 2010
Your music YouTube doesnt aunch it on gt
pavlov reflex and Cie ,very funny
i'm fed up
i love this music
choise to the lifeeeee
August 2010
Some question on the USA?
funny depilation
beautiful slow music
bike game and perso blog
note for starcraft2
....problem with the automatic reading Y
Blog Entry
problem with the automatic reading YouT
Butter sauce
i like
kyo !!!!! i like it
July 2010
vacation yopppp
my city
07/14/2010 bastille day fireworks
do you remember ?? part 2
gothic trance
June 2010
léa castel and soprano
fallout 3 vs Eli's book
a strange blog
my crazy supermoto friend
my new tattoo
In the paradise too early
word cup 4th day
word cup 3rd day
fifa word cup Day matchs
FIFA word cup first day
May 2010
for my mom
Who know ska-p?
in memory of ronnie james dio
VE-day 8th May 1945
new RCZ by peugeot (beautifull french ca
i like your country
european crisis and the greece
do you remember ????
remi gaillard , funny mc do
April 2010
gothic trance
O.L vs Bayern
Sharing of culture?????
24h of LeMans motor 2010
ducati 900 monster carbon exaush mig
BAK XIII a good gotic group
this evening the 1/4 of final of champio
my bad dream
March 2010
paris to new york
one genius guitarist from france!!!!
Marseille has a league cup
if I cross vacation in USA???
the shock of the Olympians
the offspring my vaforite video
adaptations of video games, in cinema
realy ??? xbox720 , ps4 ext!!!
rock are the only true music
europa cup (Benfica Lisbonne vs Olympiqu
who has already had of people message
the cinémas with the good film
thank you very much, to you all
bikers blog
February 2010
tempest Xynthia part 2
damage after the tempest of 2010/02/28
my tattoo of 2010/02/26
why olympian of Marseilles is my heart c
strike of total and elf
I found my future baby, me wait for your
champions leaugue and europa cup
for all women !!! happy St Valentin
my childhood
i like it
January 2010
delirious in mirage 2000-f1
world cup football in soud africa
the burka law
very funny
I found a video really cool, on top of t
joebarteam and gosth rider
a magical voice from Australia
Ever won any amount on the lottery or sc
thank for the aithi !!
my prefer american music
world alarm
i love this song and this text lisen and
my history and my fear
which type of game like you?
are you a biker in the heart?
happy new year
December 2009
i have a question?
christmas 2009 pics
my Christmas wishes
happy christmas but...
video of my ducat with board cam
chrismas meal
a good meal between friends
make this blog on the deep!!
November 2009
world war 1914 1918
signification of flags
October 2009
24 hour of the Mans
me the biker
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X cerbere X's Blogs

choise to the lifeeeee

According  you, it's better to live a long time with regrets or to live less for a time with the satisfaction to have had a well filled life

I prefer to live less, but to live in my passion

I'm a motorcyclist

biker one day, biker still!

I know well that I am going to die from my passion, but I don't care ,at least I would have had a pleasant life, a biker of the life. Soon, I am going to acquire a bike,

I'm not suicidal, but lucid,

I just want to live completely my life  

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Posted at 09/14/2010 12:10 AM Leave Comment    View Comments (2)
Blog Comments
INSOMNiA BOUND said at 09/14/2010 03:11 AM Reply to this Comment
Good Luck with that

X cerbere X
X cerbere X said at 09/14/2010 04:06 AM Reply to this thread of Comments
thk I have write this blog, because the motorcycle almost took my life 12 years ago!!!That didn't have to be my day!
but i love bike

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