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April 2009
Twilight Prom coming to AUSTRALIA!
Wednesdays Are bad.
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Twilight Prom coming to AUSTRALIA!
Ok so i dont mean to brag to all the Twilight fans, but rumor has it that there is going to be a 'TWILIGHT PROM' in Australia, im not sure if you guys are gonna have it in America, England, etc but i hope you guys do because it will be awsome as hell, and if it comes down here i so cant wait  =)
but yea enough of that, ive just recently gone back to school on Monday and i dont like it, the teachers are even more annoying then they could ever possibly get. But its been pretty good because i havent got excessive amount of homework yet which is actually quite good, which means i can kinda sit back and relax... Oh! and also to anyone who reads this and is on my Xbox live Friends list, since ive just recently gone back to school im not gonna be on xbox as much as i usually am, but i am gonna try and get on for a certain few friends ' Black Neji' you #1 and i cant wait to talk to you again munchkin you got that talk i wonna hear. but yes, SCHOOL offically sucks, andi cant wait till SCHOOLIES :)
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Wednesdays Are bad.
Ok so this is the Dealio, i was supose to see my friend today Samir because he came back form the army right. And here he is saying that he still really likes me and wants to see me and shit, and then it comes down to the crunch today and he says, " im sorry baby but i cant come out its windy" GRRR he couldn't hack talking to me over phone to say he couldn't come. And then he sends me another text saying, it's not worth me coming down when im just gonne leave. I'm really not having any luck atm with anyone.
Posted at 04/14/2009 07:07 PM Leave Comment    View Comments (12)

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