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MmW RoacH
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could it be?

so lately when im online i get bored easily. i usually stay on for like an hour and a half if that and other times when im on im just watching crap on hulu. idk if its me but it seems like the online experience is getting pretty boring and lame. dont get me wrong im not complaining or whatever(or i could be) but its just kinda crappy doing the same thing on every game whether it be any COD game or HALO game. i either need new games or new friends or something. the only problem is i dont have much cash right now since i havent had any work and i dont like inviting peoples usually because when i do add from here the other person is either playing a different game or watching netflix. but if you have any suggestions on games or you wanna play let me know. i dont mind

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Posted at 10/04/2011 08:33 PM Leave Comment    View Comments (8)
Blog Comments
WaLTeR RYaN said at 10/04/2011 11:36 PM Reply to this Comment
I just think that they should of never fkn taken off halo2 man that's what got me into playin online but it aint the same no more I think I need some 3d experience gameplay haha :)

UK Big Dave
UK Big Dave said at 10/05/2011 01:51 AM Reply to this thread of Comments
A BIG amen to that my friend! halo2 was the game that got me hooked onto online gaming. As the guy guy below mentions, it was THE game that i met so many great people on and the laughs we had with rocketball on midship will live long in the memory.

WaLTeR RYaN said at 10/07/2011 12:41 AM Reply to this thread of Comments
ol fk yea man halo2 was fkn addicted hardcore u had cheaters standbyers ppl with modded controllers haha fk it that shit was hella fkn fun :] i member all that good stuff bxr rtrtxyyrtrtx ahh h2 will be in my heart forever :} as a matter fact u can still play it online but only custom games no matchmakin:o

cochese788 said at 10/04/2011 11:11 PM Reply to this Comment
It's probably not the games, it's the people. I get online and either nobody is on or they're watching Netflix.

I remember the days when Halo 3 was THE game. Everyone had it and we would group up and play for hours. Now, however, I'm lucky if I even play anything with someone.

Online multiplayer is getting stale. Every game, it's pretty much the same shit. Go kill this, go capture that, etc, etc. Not to mention it seems like everyone worries about their K/D or W/L (mainly fighting games) and it really just kills the fun factor for me. I very rarely come across someone who plays for fun and has the same "fuck this shit, we're going for it" attitude I have.

Luckily, I'm fine with gaming in solitude. I've done it throughout a majority of my 20+ years of gaming.

As for game suggestions, maybe try something single-player, like Mass Effect or Castlevania SotN (XBLA).

lilchick said at 10/05/2011 10:51 AM Reply to this thread of Comments
Couldn't agree more with you. Even though I'm guilty of the netflix! But with gears out... I'm playing more of that... But not with the crew I use to play w :0(...

MmW RoacH
MmW RoacH said at 10/05/2011 11:31 AM Reply to this thread of Comments
ya i hear that. halo 3 was tha shit. it was tha 1st game i ever played online. thats y i have a couple of games preordered mainly for the story. not for online experience. im hoping the new zelda game comes out soon. these days every1 gets mad when they play. i get mad that every1 took tha fun out of gaming. i heard mass effect was gud. havent tried it tho

Antietam97 said at 10/05/2011 12:12 PM Reply to this thread of Comments
"i get mad that every1 took tha fun out of gaming" I know, right? Why change something that people ALREADY LOVE.

MmW RoacH
MmW RoacH said at 10/05/2011 12:23 PM Reply to this thread of Comments
ya pretty much. so i dont play online as much as i used 2. an 2 that other chick i thnk netflix is horrible. mostly due 2 tha fact that ive seen most of tha movies on there. oh well. cant wait 4 tha halo anniversary next month. ima get it rite at midnight if i have tha moneys wich most likely i will

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