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Rant On This And That, Christmas And Crap :-D
   I mentioned a few weeks/months ago that I was having problems with Internet Explorer. How it kept closing itself and effectively messing up any chance I had of keeping a page open longer than ten minutes. I'd like to clean my PC and just remove everything and install it all from scratch, however, before I can do that I need to get a harddrive so that I can keep everything I've got on it right now. So in the end it came down to me having to try another Browser. First off I gave Opera a chance, but when I opened this page, the blog one, it wouldn't show the text box, colour, etc so I couldn't use that. Now I'm using FireFox, I remember trying it a long time ago and thinking it was horrible, but actually, I think it's alright, and it's not all that different from I.E. I have just this second found out how to open multiple homepages when you open the browser so Im happy with it, at least until I can sort my PC out.  I hate it when random crap just goes wrong and nothing helps.
   Windows Media Player 11 slows my PC down to snail-like-speeds. No idea why the hell it started doing that because it was fine. If I recall I think it had something to do with the 360 connection program that it has to stream video and music and such. Either way, I had to remove that program to even do the basic crap like view a page. Media Player 10 is working just fine, but still, I'd rather be using the up-to-date stuff. Speaking of the 360, I cannot get the damn thing to connect to my PC through my router, or with a direct connection. It's fine with my laptop, although I used to think it was just my Xbox that wouldn't allow Videos to be streamed, but I found out it had to be the WMV file to do so. It says it cannot detect the PC, which sucks. Meh.
   Today is one of those days that really passed me by. I slept okay-ish last night, little uncomfy but on the whole aiight. I head to see my niece, spend a few hours with her like I usually do and then came home. I read the blogs that were up on here at that point, commented a few and by the last one I was knackered, I couldn't believe how tired I was. Luckily I am able to sleep day or night and did so. Waking up unusually more tired than when I went to sleep. I've no idea what's going on with me, I think I'm messed up again.
   Strangely, yesterday I ended up buying a new camera, I have no idea how the hell that came about. I don't even like cameras... and I have one already that I never use... and a videocamera that I never use... urgh. I think I have a serious buying-compulsion. Apparently I saw it and got my sis to pick it up for me.. I'm drained out for the time being though so I couldn't get anything even if I wanted it, not to mention Christmas is around the corner.
   Christmas is probably the worst time of the year for me, followed quickly by my birthday, both in terms of how much I loathe them and relative proximity of the two. Apart from costing a small fortune to get everyone something they will love, which may I add, I hate doing. But also having people ask you what you want... that bothers me. "I'll get you a card and put money in"  No, please dont' do that, I hate taking people's money, that is the worst. I think the problem is I have what I wanted, so I'm very content with my miniscule existance. I'd much rather by myself the things I'd like than have someone else do it for me.  And knowing damn well that I don't like this and still going out and buying something when I've clearly said no is the most awkward moment. "Here, I've got you something" Oh... really? did I say thanks but no thanks? Oh, I did... right, so... what's this?
   Christmas is by far the biggest occassion of the year, with everyone giving people things, recieving things. Shopping for this stuff is also the worst. I don't want to buy anything, I especially don't want to buy anything a few months in advance and have to store it... so naturally I leave it to the last minute.. and then, even though it's my own fault I still complain about it while I'm wandering around town. I never know what to get anyone, I ask them outright beforehand and they say "I don't know" If YOU don't know what you want, how the hell am I supposed to? It's not a joyous occassion in my eyes and it never will be. And then you FINALLY find something, okay, (s)he might like this, I'll ask them "Get me whatever you want to get me" But if I got YOU this would YOU like it? and then the pause for a few seconds before giving an unconvincing yes. So now the one thing I was confident you'd like, you don't. I'm stuck. This year I think I'll buy every adult alcohol and every child a toy of somekind. I keep my christmas circle pretty small, and it's still frustrating, I don't think I'd be able to cope with having to go through every family member.
   Then there's January 9th. The same thing applies here, except all the attention is on me. I hate that, I walk into a room, they're looking at me, "I swear to god if you start singing, i'm outta here" They'll laugh a little before asking me what I want for my birthday. Last year I just denied it was my birthday, "don't know what you're talking about" It was funny because they thought I was messing around at first and then when they realised I was being serious they didn't know what to say or do. This year I've been having people pressure me into having a party. I turn 21, which apparently is some kind of defining moment in a mans life. If I wake up that day and feel a sudden change in the way I am or have been looking at life, I'll gladly have a party, get drunk off my ass and walk around telling everyone how much I love them and how I want to go get a milkshake. But I think it's safe to say that that is just not going to happen. I've no idea what it is with me, but whenever I get liquored up and am done with drinking for the night, I crave a milkshake. The very last time I drank which was way back last year, put me off for life. I drink Whiskey, I handle it pretty well, then I ran out and was told to try the Sherry... okay, tastes... okay, but not great, I'll drink it anyway. I was outta it after that, I'm pretty sure it was the milkshake that didn't help the mixture. But I've never felt like crap as much as I did that morning... Never again.
   Thankfully I really do have the willpower when it comes to things I know are not helping me and I haven't touched any alcohol since. Which brings us back to Christmas when almost everyone is drinking, some in excess and they're telling you things you don't want to hear. Family are the worst for that, grabbing hold of you and having a heart to heart makes me feel awkward... Then again a week later on New Years Day when family get together and the inevitable fight breaks out, and people don't talk to each other for months. I missed that crap last year but I hear it was a good punchup.
   Recently there have been a few people I know caught in fights. Last saturday my sister was drinking around town with her friends and she ended up in a fight, which was surprising as hell to hear because she's not one for causing trouble. And my friend Carol that same night was in the Pub when she walked into the toilets to find three girls kicking the crap outta another local and jumped in to help. Apparently the mess in there was horrendous, blood, broken doors, hair, ha. But that wasn't the worst part, after the three chicks got chucked out she went outside for a smoke, which you can't do inside these days only to find that there was a riot in the middle of the street. Riot police, dogs, the works. A load of men fighting, which allegedly began over some drugs, not sure the story on that.  A few weeks before then a lad I know called Marcus was at a party and fell out with his girlfriend. Ended up having to woke home late at night. He was intoxicated but not too bad, the police pulled up behind him and then knocked him to the ground and proceeded to beat the hell outta him for no reason. Messed up his face and then had the nerve to charge him with Drunken Disorderly.
   Don't get me started on my contempt for the Police, damn, those guys are power hungry and love to abuse it. So many people have been beaten by them just from our area alone. T'is crazy indeed. Another reason I'd never walk home drunk alone haha.

   Well this has turned out to be pretty long already. I read today that the Splinter Cell Conviction game has been pushed back to April. After playing Assassin's Creed, I have really started looking forward to this game. Anyway, I also read that the multiplayer for the game will work along the lines of the single player. With xx amount of players in a crowd of AI controlled people, all annonymous, having to look and find the other player and kill them. That should be pretty damn cool to play. Splinter Cell's Multiplayer really got neglected with Double Agent. But it looks like they're bringing something new to the table, and who knows. Maybe Assassin's Creed 2 will have a multiplayer and I can show y'all just how to play the game :-D There was another point I wanted to put down here too, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was. Chances are I'll never remember what it is... so bah.
   If I was to make anyone the leader of the WORLD, yeah America has no significance for me, then I think I would make it... Sam Fisher. Unless the power corrupted him, he'd make a great leader. Straight to the point, honest, hates lies and has a dark sense of humour which always makes me laugh. He'd make a great dictator or the planet, or World Leader, whichever way you want to word it.
   The Hitman Movie is released here on the 30th of November... I'm in two minds... On one side I love Hitman, and I'd like to be able to watch the film and love it. But knowing that games tend NOT to make good movies in general, not to mention the fact that this is a Stealth game, where 47 rarely talks, let alone has no love-interest. I know it's gonna be shamelessly made into an action film, I saw the trailer for it and it p*ssed me off. The last game conversion to annoy me so much was Mortal Kombat Annihilation(?) Piece of crap!
   Anyway, with that said I do want to watch it. I doubt it... but maybe, JUST MAYBE... they've made a good job of this and I'll love it. However, if they haven't, it'll probably put me in a bad mood for the rest of the night, maybe week. If ANYONE ever butchers Assassin's Creed in the way they did MK, I'll kill everyone involved, I swear to god.
   Before I go... and I know, this is pretty damn long. Does anyone remember the original Splinter Cell game? Where there was a trailer for the movie? Or at least A movie? I've no idea if that was real but I was looking forward to seeing what the could do with that, at least that game had a movie-like-plot. And even a part where the Sam gets caught, movies love those scenes :-| Either way it'd be good to see Splinter Cell come to life, and Metal Gear too, Number 2 that is, so many twists and turns, it would make a great thriller/action movie.
   And just incase you remember the Splinter Cell game and you think I'm talking about the Sam Fisher interview thing on there, I'm not. Although that was awesome too :-D Since I mentioned MK, I heard there was another one being made?  I don't think my heart can stand being broke three times, so I think I'll bypass that :-( ha

Okay, so NOW, I'm done. Time to game some.

Have a nice day y'all

P.S. How is everyone doing today? How do you feel about the Christmas period too?


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Posted at 11/22/2007 09:49 AM Leave Comment    View Comments (6)
Blog Comments
X Cookie 73 X
X Cookie 73 X said at 11/23/2007 12:00 AM Reply to this Comment
right now stil got a cold. xmas expensiv time, be me n my kids for xmas, not sure if we go to my parents. new years is my sons bday too lts of excitemen here n there. so we wull watch the oundown ontv

Xx Wuch xX
Xx Wuch xX said at 11/23/2007 12:00 AM Reply to this Comment
I enjoy Christmas. I like getting people gifts, but I hate recieving them. Unless it's a new Xbox game...Haha.

DiRtyFnJiMjO said at 11/22/2007 12:00 AM Reply to this Comment
jesus, im gonna finish this with a good scotch, lol

Phorexia said at 11/22/2007 12:00 AM Reply to this Comment
Christmas means for me my brothers birthday.

Davy Rocket
Davy Rocket said at 11/22/2007 12:00 AM Reply to this Comment
I don't do Christmas either

WcT Huey
WcT Huey said at 11/22/2007 12:00 AM Reply to this Comment
I take the family to a remote hut in the mountains for about a week where
I'll spend the first day building a snowboard jump out the back, spend the second day sessioning it and spend all the other days recovering from the second day. Evenings are all about sitting around the fire playing cards or board games, keeping life simple again for a week!

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