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04/04/2006 12:00 AM

so yeah i got really bored a while few days back so i decided to play the campaign you know, trying to see if i can get any more stars, *not to easy anymore =\*  so i was playing "beach party" an
02/08/2006 12:00 AM

yeah looks like i spoke to soon, b/c shit is starting to hit the fan, 2 of my friends who were dating each other and they split  up and they are fighting  and pulling me into the muiddle of
02/06/2006 12:00 AM

yeah emt school is going good, and sinc emy mom is an emt too, she talked her boss and he says that as soon as i finish emt school i got a job, and my dad and i are going to be outting my car back in
02/03/2006 12:00 AM

                sidelines   It was long ago When our eyes first met,but at the moment my mind was set.With be

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